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Lawrence Feir has been involved in the arts nearly his entire life. After graduating high school in Long Island New York he made he focused on the arts at Parsons School or Design in New York later transferring to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where he studied painting and sculpture.

In 1987 He opened a jewelry store in Huntington New York where he honed his skills as a silver smith creating one of a kind wearable sculptural pieces in sterling silver, gold and gem stones. Two years later Mr. Feir relocated to North Carolina and GTCC’s commercial art program majoring in Photography.

After apprenticing with Heroy-Cutroneo Studios in Greensboro Mr. Feir got a lucky break and got an assignment photographing an airliner at the Greensboro airport. His passion for aviation started as a young child growing up the son of an aeronautical engineer so he took to the assignment with great enthusiasm eventually working for several companies based at the airport.

As his photography skills improved he landed a position with Airways International magazine becoming the publications chief photographer two years later. Mr. Feir has traveled the world photographing aircraft for Boeing, Airbus Industries, Rolls Royce, Midwest Airlines and others. Tragically his aerospace career came to an abrupt halt on the day of September 11 th 2000 when terrorist used airliners as weapons against the citizens of the United States. In the wake of the 9/11 disaster with many airlines going out of business and the one’s remaining in dire financial condition Mr. Feir put down his cameras and went back to a different art form, sculpture.

He remains a sculptor to this day working mostly in steel and other metals. His focus remains on figurative works to this day.

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