Hamilton Aguiar


“I want to show the beauty in its purity through my art:  the beauty seen on the light hidden in the purest things of life; and by looking at my art you will understand that all you need in life is to look at the simple things with your heart and see the beauty of its light”


Through basic shapes and silhouettes of trees, contrasted against the illumination of silver/ copper leaf Aguiar is able to create landscapes that fulfill his artist mission. The result of his aesthetic process is haunting and mysterious and resonates deeply with any viewer. 

The composition of his paintings is inspired by the changing seasons of natural landscapes, which are interpreted in a powerfully monochromatic content. These atmospheric masterpieces are bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors. Enveloping the patron into an ethereal world where you can feel the time of day, the fading sun, and the thick fog!

His current series of paintings reaches a new and unique level. Aguiar applies silver leaf over the entire background of his linen canvases and then creates washes and shadows with oil paint. The images radiate an ethereal light due to the interaction between the richness of the oils and the mercurial nature of the silver/copper leaf.

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1965, Aguiar discovered his passion for rendering and creating at an early age.   In 1987, Aguiar made the decision to relocate to the United States to develop his career as an artist.  He focused on landscapes, and his artistic style developed slowly over the years.   He discovered the effect of using metal leaf as a setting for his canvases and with further exploration he began to incorporate copper leaf and resin to add to his aesthetic.

As an internationally recognized artist he works with conservation foundations that address deforestation.    His works are in numerous private and public collections worldwide.   Most notably in a permanent collection at the Museum of Latin America in Long Beach, California.